When Did It Become All About Sex?


I Recently Went On A Date With A Man I Had Known For A Week- We Had Been Constantly Talking, The Banter Was Exhilarating In Comparison To The Men I’m Used To Or As I’d Like To Call Them “ShitDick’s” You know the ‘You’re Fit/Sexy, Lets Go For A Drive’ AKA Lets Drive Around For 15 Minutes, Then Pull Up, Make A Move, Attempt To Get Some & That’s It-Booty Called!! But This ShitDick & I Spoke Daily & Decided To Meet Up For A Game Of Pool & Dinner.

Date Night Came & I Was Nervous, I Found Myself Not Just Ridiculously Attracted To Him But We Actually Got Along. He Picked Me Up & The Nerves Calmed Soon As I Got Into His Car, The Evening Was Great, A Lot Of Flirting & Laughing All Evening – I Was Content & Happy At How Well It Went (I’m…

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Dating is Finding the Missing Puzzle Piece

Suzie the Single Dating Diva

Let us look at things a little differently this week. Let us look at our life as a whole. We all have had many experiences in life, love or otherwise, and these experiences have shaped who we are. The experiences have contributed to our life puzzle. Each accomplishment has been another piece. We all have our own puzzle, think about it. Each life event is another piece in this puzzle.

Sometimes the pieces are really easy to find, other times, it’s much harder. Sometimes we find a piece that looks like it’s perfect, then, we soon realize that regardless of how hard we try, we can’t make it fit. There are also times that we feel that our puzzle has way too much sky and grass space, you know, those pieces that ALL look the same? Frustrating! Some of us, it seems, have bigger puzzles with more pieces than others…

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Vintage and Rugged

I wasn’t always a gentleman. My mother and father did their best to teach me how to treat women, but I wasn’t always a very good man and I was a very far cry from a gentleman. Most of my advice on being a gentleman comes not only from advice my parents gave me, but also from first hand experience on what not to do. When I looked at myself and realized that I hated everything I was and everything I stood for, I vowed to do whatever it took to change. The next day, I took a piece of paper and wrote a letter. It was not a letter of apology. It was not a letter of remorse or regret. There would be plenty of time for that. This letter was simple. It was a letter to my wife. No, I wasn’t married. And I’m still not. This was…

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Take One Second to Say Thank You

A Happy Heart and Soul

Take a second to say thank you in advance for the blessings that will come. Once we allow ourselves to feel the certainty that we are cared for the world slowly blossoms in front of our eyes. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The two most powerful words you can say to anyone. When you extend that grateful heart outwards, you invite the world to show how very grateful it is that you are part of it.

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